Albert Edelfelts brev

En djupdykning i Albert Edelfelts liv och konstnärliga arbete genom hans brev till sin mor Alexandra Edelfelt 1867−1901

Edelfelt REST API

API Contents

The metadata and pictures of this website is freely available through a REST API with most content licensed as CC0 1.0 universal (CC0 1.0). The API is experimental and we welcome ideas and feedback ( ). If you do something cool with our data, please let us know!

Pictures of artworks provided by the Finnish National Gallery are not available through our API. You can however access their metadata through FNG API links provided (also open data). Note that you need to request an API key from FNG to use it.

The Finnish National Gallery has their pictures available online on their site which is also linked to by us in the API. Please refer to FNG for licensing information concerning their API and website.

Accessing the API

Currently no access key or registration is required to access our API. The API is browsable at

Graph of the API layout.

The easiest way to learn how to use the API is to use the browsable interface which shows you the GET url.

You can list an object type at /api/objectname, e.g. /api/events/. To open a specific object just append its id, e.g. /api/events/13841/, which will return something like this:

    "url": "",
    "id": 13841,
    "title": "Edelfelt och ellan har \"kostat på sig lyxen\" att köpa ett turkiskt draperi för att klä över en smutsig \"liggsoffa\", schäslong, som fanns kvar efter Munthe [vars lägenhet de hyrde]; Ellan och Edelfelt har tillsammans egenhändigt klätt över en spegelram med gult siden; de har hängt tavlor på väggarna och möblerat om i Munthes väntrum.",
    "letter": "",
    "order": null,
    "persons": [
    "year": 1888,
    "month": 2,
    "day": 8,
    "mentioned_locations": [

Retrieve json without the human readable page by appending a format parameter like this: /api/events/11084/?format=json. Click Filters to see how to search and filter different pages.